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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
It would be cool to own a cel with Goku riding Numbus holding Power Pole Cel. High
Dragonball GT
I let this one slip through my fingers this is my favourite GT bit. I had a chance to buy it on Ebay but I slept through the time it went off. Will Give Kidney
This is a great cel, if not the best I have seen of Shenron. Very High
Who dosen't want this cel if they are a GT fan Very High
Any Gt Goten Cel with a good shot of this hair. Medium
Dragonball Z
Anyone who call themself a Majin Vegeta Fan Wants this Cel Will Give Kidney
Any great Cel of Vegeta in the rain would be such a score for my colection. Very High
The Cel with Goku goin Super Saiyan the first time just has to be mine Very High
This is the coolest move in DBZ. It would be a great Cel to own. Very High
Any Cel which has Vegeta with his family would would rock. High
Last Exile
Any cool looking Last Exile Setteis (expecially with Alex)would be a great find for my collection. High
Sonic (old schools) or X
Sonic is the bomb, so any Cels with him running are the best and add style to any collection. Medium
From back in the day this show was sooo mad and also owning a Cel would be too. Medium
What can I say, Optimus Prime is Just that good. Medium
Wolfwood's Death Cels would be great Cel to go with my Vash Cel. High

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