WELCOME to my cel website, I can't believe when I started this hobby it would become so addictive. The main cels I collect are from the Dragonball/Z/GT and all things Vegeta. Some of the other anime cels I collect are from Trigun and Pokemon. Also, I believe that I own some of the best Dragonball cels ever! My Vegeta Atoning Cels are where I got the name for my cel gallery. Enjoy!

News & Updates

5/30/2020The next addition to the cel gallery is my Vegeta's entrance in the Super Android 13 movie Cel.
5/9/2020My next weekly update is a Vegeta vs Recoome Cel.
5/4/2020I'm a little older and a litter wiser! It's time to get back into updating my gallery with some of my cel collection. To kick it off with a bang I've have uploaded a Majin Vegeta Cel to my Dragonball Z section. Here's to many more years of collecting!
4/5/2015Second update of the new era, it's my first Bardock Cel I bought.

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Dragonball (3) 1/26/2005
Dragonball GT (5) 5/6/2005
Dragonball Z (13) 5/30/2020
Misc (5) 1/22/2005
Pokemon (3) 1/21/2005
Trigun (1) 1/22/2005

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